What is a Timber Bollard?

What is a Timber Bollard?

Timber Bollards are used in landscaping for many commercial properties.  They are made of solid wood and are used similar to that of fence posts, which are driven into the ground. They typically are used to allow pedestrians into an area while keeping out vehicles.

Because they are made of wood they blend in with the nature around them and are less harsh on the visual landscape.  The timber bollards work well for parks and recreation purposes. They are used to protect the perimeter of the park from vehicles entering it while allowing people and animals.

There are several tops to choose from when looking to purchase timber bollards.  This is simply personal preference and doesn't have anything to do with the actual functioning of the Timber Bollard.  We offer dome or angle topped. And, there are also log barrier bollard, which adds a nice look to the landscape and isn't as tall as the fence post style.

Wooden Bollards

Enjoying public parks in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne is something that many of us do every day.  And, having these Bollards in place allows us to do so without worry of being hit by a car. They are also great for protecting the children as they play on the playground.  They are used to stop anyone that has an out of control car or bus. Timber Bollards look beautiful when placed correctly and don't obstruct the view such as a fence would. It also allows you to have this more open feel and feel less enclosed as a fence would.

The idea is to mark the boundaries and stop people from using motorbikes and other things that the trails and parks were not intended for.  They are natural barriers for trails as well, which help pedestrians to know and feel safe while enjoying the trails. They are perfect for beach areas as well, again, keeping out the motorists that want to ruin it for everyone.  And, they allow a free flow with the eyes. This non-visual block allows for people to enjoy the beach even while driving along with it.

Better than fences

Fences are great for some applications.  However, they do obstruct the view of the area they are protecting.  For example, if a fence was put up around a beach, it would be impossible to see from the road.  Everything would certainly have an enclosed feeling which would be a bit strange. People love open spaces and having a timber bollard row line helps with that.  And, it also doesn't obstruct the animals from enjoying the space as well as block them from freely moving about nature.

Keeping with the natural beauty, timber bollards are perfect for not interrupting the beauty of nature and offers a balance of urban living with nature.  We all love the outdoors and nature. And, protecting it with timber bollards helps us to all enjoy the world around us in a safe manner. If you are looking for timber bollards, you have come to the right place.  We offer timber bollards to all of Western Australia.  

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