Dome Top Pine Timber Bollards

$29.99 $30.00

Dome Top Timber Bollards - Made for Councils Around Australia (Pine Timber Bollard)

150mm Width
x1250mm High

This classic Rounded Top Timber Bollard or Dome Top Timber Bollard is amongst the most common used timber bollards due to its ease of install and cost -  ACQ or Tanalth E treated pine bollard (Treated to hazard Class h5 to AS1604.1 - 2000)


Bollard Details & Installation Recommendations:

  • Turf / Adjacent surface treatment as specified
  • pack auger hole with n25 concrete to taper to 50mm at ground surface minimum 100mm. concrete surrounding post angle top of footing away from the bollard
  • footing install 50mm depth of 15-25mm nominal recycled concrete drainage aggregate
  • bollard positioned at 1.5 meters apart   

For more information on the Brisbane City Council Timber Bollards please read the below information - all this is supplied from BCC website for final install please refer to the appropriate websites