Heritage Timber Bollard


Heritage Timber Bollards

Often referred to as Esplanade Bollards, due to their frequent use along esplanades the Heritage Timber Bollard is generally used when specified on your plans.

The Heritage Timber Bollard specs are:

  • 100 mm width
  • 1200 mm high

The Heritage Timber Bollard is the preferred choice for commercial, city or upmarket residential areas. With a small indent at the top of the bollard the heritage timber bollard comes with optional hi-vis reflective tape.

Bollard Details & Installation Recommendations:

  • Hardwood or Recycled plastic positioned @ 1.5 mtrs
  • Park Auger hole with n25 concrete to taper to 50mm at ground surface.
  • Minimum 100mm concrete surrounding post
  • footing install 50mm depth of 15-25mm nominal recycled concrete drainage aggregate