Log Barrier Fencing Timber Bollard 600mm


Log Barrier Timber Bollard

3000mm long
x150mm  bollard width
x600mm High

The timber log barrier is a highly used timber bollard ideal for covering large areas at a rather cost effective rate compared to singular timber bollards. All Fence / log barrier timber bollards are treated to hazard class H4 to AS1604.1 and have a durability class one or two to AS5604. All posts and rails shall be either:

  • CCA treated pine for general use (EG Not within parks)
  • ACQ Treated ping for use within parks


Bollard Details & Installation Recommendations:

  • Turf / Adjacent surface treatment as specified
  • pack auger hole with n25 concrete to taper to 50mm at ground surface minimum 100mm. concrete surrounding post angle top of footing away from the bollard
  • footing install 50mm depth of 15-25mm nominal recycled concrete drainage aggregate
  • bollard positioned at 1.5 meters apart   

For more information on these Timber Bollards please read the below information - all this is supplied from the appropriate council website for final install please refer to the appropriate websites